'Underwater Original Artworks'

About this collection.
There was a time when I felt deeply lost. I knew I wanted to live a life of creation but I didn’t know how. This is how the wanderlust spirit was born in me and I left home to travel around my country, I was 18 years old.

My feet took me to the sea, always to the sea. Eventually I arrived at a small island in the south of Mexico where I stayed for a long time to explore the reefs and corals, but also where I made a living with my paintings for the very first time.

Eighteen years later and life took me back to this small island, though this time it was a long holiday in the company of my husband. I immediately reconnected with the blues of the sea and the warm salty water; old friends were waiting for me and the colourful delicate corals were brighter than ever.

I came back to London to paint the sea the way I felt it. The ‘Underwater’ collection was born from this extraordinary experience of feeling the blues of an endless ocean through all of my senses.

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The Process.

Shipping and Costs

  • Prices are in British Pounds.
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  • Originals are sent by Royal Mail with tracking number.
  • Please be aware that taxes, duty fees and fee credits are to be assumed by the buyer.

More Information

  • Each original is signed in pencil.
  • This collection is divided in 'Studies', painted on mixed media paper 250gms (42 x 58cms) and 'Collection' painted on 100% cotton watercolor paper 300gms (56 x 76cms). For details, see individual items.
  • If you have any questions please send an email to hello@ingridsanchez.com