February 22, 2016
Eating Disorders

The Isolating Nature of Eating Disorders

Although often associated with sensational images of extreme emaciation and attributed to unrealistic beauty standards, eating disorders are complex conditions with a broad range of causes, symptoms, and effects. Across the spectrum of eating disorders, social isolation is one common denominator which research has identified as both a potential risk factor and an effect. Eating Disorders.
December 31, 2015
meditation yoga

Meditation, a daily practice that can make a difference

What is meditation? Erase the idea that meditation means leaving your mind blank, that is impossible, your mind is supposed to think, daydream and remember, so let it be, but be in control. Over the past few years I have read or heard different ways and exercises to expla in meditation, here are my favorites.
December 11, 2015
New Orleans

Walking New Orleans | Jazz, good food & love

This time I enjoyed it all. The colorful sights: street art, balconies, pastel colors, cobble-stoned streets, slate roofing, secret gardens, courtyards and specially those huge oaks filtering light reflecting moss shades on the ground. The sounds are a bit more complex to describe. There was some jazz, some blues, some gypsy folk and the guy playing the violin on a street corner, the construction machinery operating ' the day, a cacophony that somehow sounded like a party celebrating the everyday.
November 15, 2015
tea recipe

Share, Love & Tea | A Tea recipe for autumn

Magical new beginnings and wonderful changes in the weather and nature are upon us this season. Share our delicious cup of spiced tea with friends and loved ones to warm the cockles and fire up your immune system!